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Pregnancy diptych

inkjet print, 75x90cm


This work creates an abstraction, a play on the pregnant female shape and a butterfly image

in the negative space. It’s a puzzle which invites the viewer to consider: what is depicted? One woman or two? But how could they be so exactly alike? The piece shines a light on advanced pregnancy, the roundness and fullness of the fruitful female body. The woman is anonymous, proud, strong; representing all birthing women, an earth mother.
The symmetry and play of negative and positive space attracts the eye and connects with Rorschach inkblot psychology tests, while the brightness of the pink and the strong light create an upbeat pattern.
Be Fruitful and Multiply is a commandment from the Bible (Genesis I: 28) to Adam and Eve, to create the next generation. Nowadays, populations in the Western world are barely replacing themselves, and frequently have to import labour from poor, third world nations. This phenomenon generates sociological and political issues for both the host countries and for the gastarbeiter. Pregnant women are no longer a common sight and this image could be regarded as a political statement, a call to action, a reminder, a warning.