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Holocaust remembrance (3D)

See my project ‘Holocaust remembrance (2D)’, also under Installations, for background story.

Letters from my grandparents (masks, sculpture)

paper masks, polyester resin and cloth sculpture, printed paper 2.5x5x3m (variable)

Grandmother’s bones

earthenware, linen, printed paper 15x45x25cm


Ancestor masks: My Grandparents

glazed and unglazed earthenware 21x35x9cm

Laid table

Bone china, earthenware, silk thread, paper, ceramic, fabric 110x136x91cm

Tribute to my grandparents (1941)

bronze 26x27x17cm (variable)

Tribute to my Grandparents 26x27x17cm. variable [bronze]

Sophie’s book

glazed and painted earthenware, paper, silk thread 25x85x30cm

Esther’s suitcase

found suitcase, hand-built and cast porcelain 60x75x70cm


bronze 16x13x14cm


Two kinder

mixed media 120x105x60cm