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White works (ceramic)


strengthened porcelain, board 103x33x19cm

Resisting entropy

porcelain fragments on light table 90x70x90cm

Esther’s suitcase

found suitcase, hand-built and cast porcelain 60x75x70cm

Love letter

hand-built porcelain 8x50x60cm

hand-built porcelain 8x50x60cm

This is a whimsical work, a love letter created out of pure white porcelain.

The actual alphabet is imaginary, a combination of cuneiform and other geometric
shapes, like an elemental writing.


Newton’s third Law of Motion

hand-built porcelain, eggplant skins, old lace 8x30x30cm

00060033 cropped

This law states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. I chose this name to infer

the concept of balance between dissimilar shapes and materials. The abstract porcelain shapes, eggplant skins and lace all hearken from disparate material worlds. I have brought them together here to make unexpected connections between physical elements, and equally to connect plastic art with scientific rules.
One of the eggplant skins remains empty: this offers a point of entry to the concept of balance,
central to Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion.



hand-built earthenware, latex 9x53x49cm


The way we were

porcelain, orange skins, lace, found old copper dish 13x31x28cm


This work connects with memory and nostalgia. The antique copper dish evokes

simpler, less sophisticated times. The dried orange skins reference basic foods. The porcelain shapes are tactile, pure white, slightly varied but all of a type.
The circle arrangement is intrinsically pleasing and balance, with one shape in the centre. The piece works in the round from any point of view.
This also connects with Newton’s Third Law of Motion in choice of groups of materials, but this work is calmer, with greater equilibrium.