Ruth spent 25 years raising her family and working in research, art and design. Since 1997 she has been a docent at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, leading tours in all departments including the Dead Sea Scrolls, art and archaeology. In parallel, she has been developing her own work as an artist and now creates sculptures, paintings, video art, photography and installation pieces. Ruth has exhibited and sold her art in Israel, Europe and North America.



2022 Prepare, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Bitya Rosenak)

2022 Letters from my Grandparents, County Hall, Bamberg, Germany (curators Rebekka Denz, Annette Schaeffer)

2021 Where do babies come from? 5th Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Byzantine Hall, Ramban Synagogue, Jerusalem (curator Rami Ozeri)

2021 Letters from my Grandparents, Sassanfahrt Castle, Sassanfahrt, Germany (curators Rebekka Denz, Annette Schaeffer)

2020  Tempus Fugit, BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (curator Talia Tokatly)

2019  Nine Measures, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Hadassa Cohen)

2018  First Person Plural, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Rina Peled)

2017  Balfour at 100, Manchester Jewish Museum, UK (curator Rami Ozeri)

2017  Letters from my Grandparents, Gershman Gallery, Philadelphia, USA (curator Susan Isaacs; catalogue)

2016  Letters from my Grandparents, Small Fort, Terezin, Czech Republic (curator Miroslav Vasaly)

2016  Beyond Rubies, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Lena Zaidel; catalogue)

2016  Letters from my Grandparents, Ghetto Museum, Terezin, Czech Republic (curator Miroslav Vasaly)

2016  Letters from my Grandparents, Anne Frank Center USA, NY, USA (curator Rebecca Faulkner; catalogue)

2014  Women in Judaism, Marlis’ GalleryAttenweiler, Germany (curator Marlis Glaser)

2013  Fragments of Memory, Miklat LeOmanut Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Penina Frank)

2011  Habayit Hayehudi, Galleria HaAcheret, Holon, Israel (curator Avner Bar-Hama)

2011  Letters from my Grandparents, Yeshiva University Museum, NY, USA (curator Zach Levine)

2010  White Out, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, Israel (curator Netta Na’aman; catalogue)

2010  Chelsea Fine Art Competition Winners, Agora Gallery, NY, USA (curator Angela De Bello; catalogue)

2007  Two Sisters, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curators Avi Sebag, Yanai Segal; catalogue)

2007  New Members, Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel (curators Lena Zaidel, Oded Zaidel)



2023  Confrontation- Conversation, Cazadores Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(curators Andi Arnovitz, Mirta Kupfernac; catalogue)

2022 Neopost-Neosent, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Lena Zaidel; catalogue)

2021 Tribute to Moshe Castel, Moshe Castel Museum of Art, Maale Adumim, Israel (curators and Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel; catalogue)

2021 Women in Judaism, Museum of the History of Christians and Jews, Laupheim, Germany (curator Michael Niemetz)

2021 Schalom Sisters, Augsberg, Germany (curator Souzana Hazan)

2021 Body Text: Feminist Art in Diverse Religio-Cultural Spheres in Israel, online exhibition, Rackman Center, Bar-Ilan University, Israel (curators Nurit Jacobs-Yinon, David Sperber)

2021 Perspectives 2021, CICA Museum, S. Korea

2020-2021  Biennale for Art and Design, Tel-Aviv, Eretz Yisrael Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
(chief curators Enrietta Eliezer Bruner, Yuval Sa’ar; catalogue)

2020 PHOTO IS:RAEL, International Photography Festival, Kikar Hamedina, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2020 Interstices: Discovering the Ben Uri Collection (curator Rene Gimpel; online catalogue)

2020 Vienna 1900, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (curators Rina Peled, Max Epstein; catalogue)

2020  New Hang, Frankfurt Jewish Museum, Frankfurt, Germany (curator Eva Atlan; catalogue)

2019  Not in Heaven, Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Kol Haot Gallery, Hutzot Hayotzer, Jerusalem  (curators Judy Cardozo, Susan Fraiman; catalogue)

2019  Agripas 12 Artists’ Book, Fresh Paint Fair, Bell Shafir Gallery, Tel-Aviv (curator Hagai Segev)

2019  Spinoza: the Marrano of Reason, Plein van Siena, Amsterdam, Holland (curators Janet Heit, Bilha Zussman; catalogue)

2019  Cherchez la Femme: Wig, Burka, Wimple, Stadhaus-Ulm, Ulm, Germany (curator Karla Nierad: catalogue)

2019  Her Dress, Her Symbol, Antea Revisited, Marie Gallery & Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
(curators Rita Mendes-Flor, Naomi Tannhauser; catalogue)

2019  Barbur 54, Alphabet Compound, Tel-Aviv (curator Hagit Kaisar)

2018  In-Print Art Book Fair, Hansen House, Jerusalem (curator Shosh Averbakh)

2018  Agripas 12 Artists’ Book, Chapter 2, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem (curator Shosh Averbakh)

2018  My Second Childhood: Outline Festival, YMCA, Jerusalem (curator Bitya Rosenak)

2018  The Invisible Jew, Detour Gallery, New Jersey, USA (curator Goldie Gross)

2018  Agripas 12 Artists’ Book, Chapter 1, The Place for Art, Tel-Aviv (curator Shosh Averbakh)

2017  Balfour at 100, 3rd Jm Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Machtarot Museum, Jerusalem
(curator Rami Ozeri; catalogue)

2017  Balfour at 100, 3rd Jm Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Knesset, Jerusalem (curator Sharon Sofer)

2017  Tzena Urena, Beersheba University Museum, Israel (curator Haim Maor; catalogue)

2017  Tzena Urena, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Israel (curator Haim Maor, Dvora Liss)

2017  Diaspora, Marlis’ Gallery, Attenweiler, Germany (curator Marlis Glaser)

2017   Across Divides: Borders and Boundaries in Contemporary Art, Koslowe Gallery, Westchester, NY, USA
(curator Reba Wulkan, catalogue)

2017  Cherchez la Femme: Wig, Burka, Wimple, Berlin Jewish Museum, Germany (curator Miriam Goldmann; catalogue)

2017  Home – Homeless, Hebrew Union College Museum, NY, NY, USA (curator Laura Kruger; catalogue)

2017  Across Divides: Borders and Boundaries in Contemporary Art, Derfner Judaica Museum, Riverdale,
NY, USA (curator Reba Wulkan, catalogue)

2016  Under the Press of History, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem (curator Irena Gordon)

2016  100 for 100, Ben-Uri Gallery, Christie’s, London, UK (curator Sarah McDougal; catalogue)

2016  Hand Delivery, Neve Schechter Gallery, Tel-Aviv (curator Shira Friedman)

2016  Unexpected: Continuing Narratives of Identity and Migration, Ben Uri Gallery, London, UK (curator Sarah McDougal)

2015  Beuys, Beuys, Beuys, Meshuneh Gallery, Tel Aviv (curator Liav Mizrachi)

2015   The Art of Motherhood, 2nd Jm Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem
(curator Nurit Sirkis-Banks; catalogue)

2015  A Sense of Space, A Sense of Place, 2nd Jm Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Hasid Bros. Complex,
(curator Mallory Serebrin; catalogue)

2015  A Fine Line, 2nd Jm Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Hasid Bros. Complex, Jerusalem
(curator Susan Fraiman; catalogue)

2015  White Matter, Contemporary Porcelain Sculpture, Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Ha’zorea
(curator Shir Miller Yamaguchi; catalogue)

2014  Hear O Israel, Museum Omera, Ancona, Italy (curator Rami Ozeri)

2013  Blue & White/Now: Contemporary Ceramics in Israel, Aharon Kahana House, Ramat Gan, Israel
(curator Aina Aroetti; catalogue)

2013 Here and Now; 1st Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, Hasid Bros. Complex, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Rami Ozeri)

2013  The Seventh Day: Shabbat Revisited, Hebrew Union College Museum, NY, NY, USA (curator Laura Kruger; catalogue)

2012  IJAYA Finalists Show, Camden Halls, London, UK

2012  Matronita: Jewish Feminist Art, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel (curators Dvora Liss, David Sperber; catalogue)

2011  Nothing to Declare, Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines

2010  Giguk Video Art Festival, Giguk, Giesen, Germany

2010  Transcending History: Beyond the Legacy of Slavery & the Holocaust, Reginald F. Lewis Museum,
Maryland, USA (curator Kory Grushka)

2010  From the Melting Pot into the Fire; Ceramics from Israel, Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art, Toronto,
Canada (curator Yael Novak; catalogue)

2010  30th International Ceramics Exhibition, Museum of Ceramics, Alcora, Spain

2009  Essence/Borders: Water Homage Video Festival, Institut Alexander Von Humboldt, Boyaca, Colombia

2009  Performing the Woman’s Body, ViP 9, Ticho House, Jerusalem, Israel (curator Timna Seligman)

2009  Essence/Borders: Video Festival, Kurye International Video Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

2009  New Media Festival, Musrara Mix No. 9, Avodah Zara, Musrara, Jerusalem, Israel

2008  Schmatte Couture, Rivington Gallery, London, UK (curator Sarah Lightman; catalogue)

2008-2009  Zichronenu: 60 years, Touring Israel (catalogue)

2006 4th Israel Ceramics Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel










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