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Female figures (bronzes)

An Oscar for my daughter, the surrogate

polished bronze, 37x19x16cm

In 2014 my daughter Tamar, mother of 4 young children, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and handed her

over to her genetic parents. A couple of years earlier, she had decided, together with her husband, to carry a child for a childless couple who could conceive but could not carry an embryo to term. Through her doctor friend, she found a suitable young man and woman, and had their fetus implanted in her uterus. She (wisely) only shared this with us, her parents, after it was a fait accompli.
We were speechless at first, but since then have been bursting with pride, as we observed her injecting herself daily for 6 weeks so that her uterus would not reject the foreign body in it; attending meetings with lawyers, social workers, court officials, rabbis, psychologists, etc., and at term handing over this miracle gift and then quietly continuing with her own life.
I produced this sculpture as a take on Oscar awards for the film industry. My daughter was touched to receive it from me, and keeps her cast in her bedroom. I am happy to be reminded by this sculpture of Tamar’s selfless gift of life.


Couple (bronze)

bronze 21x14x5cm

Couple, bronze 21x 14 x 4.7cm -2013

Tiny figure

bronze 7x5x3cm

Woman (watching her dog)

bronze 15x9x7cm

Look this way

bronze 20x6x7cm


Pregnant and waiting

bronze 10x12x6cm

Not long now

bronze 8x18x10cm

Push, push (two-piece reclining figure)

bronze 7x17x13cm

Push, push (Two-piece reclining figure) 7x17x13cm. [bronze]


bronze and polished bronze 9x11x8cm

I can do it

bronze 15x9x6cm

Standing figure (expecting)

bronze 26x14x10cm

You don’t know me

bronze 20x8x5cm

Two-piece reclining figure

polished bronze 31x17x10cm

Two-piece reclining figure 31x17x10 cm. [polished bronze]