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Balfour at 100, Jerusalem Biennale 2017

Video installation (5 mins 15 secs)

Screened in a darkened space, this video installation is focused on the actual letter of the Balfour Declaration dated November 2nd, 1917. An image of the original letter scrolls slowly down a gauze curtain and continues onto the floor, where the words are reversed, as the text is read aloud all the while.

There are 3 iterations. After the first, a series of images of Lord Balfour is projected. Then the letter reappears followed by images of the coats of arms of the British Foreign Office and of Lord Rothschild. Finally, after the third reading, several images of Lord Rothschild are screened. This sequence then repeats, on a loop.

My hope is that this rendering will give the viewer pause to consider this important historic watershed and its many significant ramifications.

Egg Ceremony

8 minutes 40 seconds

A tongue-in-cheek artificial ritual

Teddy Park 2014

4 minutes1 second

This short video describes the scene on summer evenings in the fountains at the bottom of the area ofJerusalem known as Yemin Moshe, at the foot of the Old City walls. Thispark is dedicated to thememory of Teddy Kollek, the late long-serving mayor of Jerusalem. Children take advantage of the freedaily summerevening show of dancing water spouts, lights and music to have fun and cool off after theday’s heat.

Parents sit nearby with towels and a change of clothes!

Tribute to Olympia

2 minutes 58 seconds

Based on Manet’s seminal 1863 painting ‘Olympia’, I have transformed the courtesan into a blue skeleton with a pink ribbon, but as in the original, also attended by a black servant.

In this video, I am questioning issues of beauty, death, societal status, and race whilst referencing the history of Western Art.

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