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This is a series of paintings and drawings, videos, staged photographs and sculptures, all telling stories from the Jewish Bible (Tanach).

Artist's books

Leaning youth
Mixed media 160x40x60cm

“And do not forsake your mother’s teaching” (Proverbs 1:8)

I am taking this injunction and exploring the teachings by example of Biblical and post-Biblical women from traditional sources.
In this project I have created a life-size sculpture (from epoxy and polystyrene) of a youth, reading a book of relevant quotations from the Jewish Scriptures.
I chose a boy rather than a girl, because the Jewish tradition tends to focus on learning passed down from father to son. In this piece I want to divert that focus, and shine a light on mother-son (and mother-daughter) teachings, to remind ourselves of this instruction from Proverbs, and to bring it to the fore.

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